How to Start a Blog in 2020 : Start Blogging Today and Make Money

How to Start a Blog in 2020 : Start Blogging Today and Make Money

How to Start a Blog in 2020 : Start Blogging Today and Make Money

Learn how to start a blog by following these simple steps:
2.    Get your blog online (by hosting)
3.    Design your blog with a free theme
4.    Write your first blog post
5.    Steps to a successful blog 
6.    Promote your blog and make money

what is a blog?

A blog is a regularly updated website where new content 
frequently published, typically written in an informal or
conversational style—often with the goal of attracting readers and
generating an online income. You’re reading on my blog here right
1. Pick your blog’s name and niche
First, it’s time to choose a name and area of interest in your new weblog.
The name of your blog is what readers will see first (like, so
it needs to ideally represent either the general subjects you’ll be writing about
or it could be your personal name, that of your business, a quick sum of words
or otherwise.
Your blog’s name  is the overall topic place that you’ll be focusing your content
material around. Examples of content subjects like travel, food, fashion, lifestyle,
technology, and otherwise. Incorporating a word or that actually indicators what
your content is about, within the call of your blog be very helpful to
your destiny blog readers.

2. Get your blog online (web hosting)

The second step in beginning a blog is actually getting your blog online. That’s what an internet website hosting company will do for you.

What is web hosting?

To make your website accessible to other people on the Internet, you need a “host.” The host keeps all your website files safe, secure, and makes sure that people can access your blog when they click on a link or type in your URL. Think of web hosting as being like your home. When someone comes over (types in your blog’s URL), they’ll be able to see what’s inside.

3. Design your blog 

with a free  theme

Everyone has a different idea of how they want their blog to look. One of the great things about Bloggers are that you can change the entire layout and design of your site with just a few clicks.

4. Write your first blog post
You don’t read a blog because it looks nice or because they publish frequently. ( those both help).
You read a blog because you care about what it says. Creating strong content is what will bring you readers and help you to eventually make money blogging.

Every successful blog follows just a few basic principles:

5. Steps to a successful blog

1. Proper Blog Setup

2. Amazing Content

3. Marketing

Proper Blog Setup

there is an infinite number of changes you can continue to make to your blog.

Keep in mind that being a good blogger isn’t all about writing. You also need to read other blogs to stay informed on what is popular and to get new ideas for your own blog.
You may visit a blog and see they have a really cool plugin that you want on your site. Usually, you can just ask the blogger directly and they will tell you all about it. This is a great way to improve the setup of your blog while also making connections in the blogging community.
I can’t emphasize enough that the steps I have already shown you are more than sufficient. If you want to make more changes in the future that is fine but don’t get hung up on thinking that everything needs to be perfect before you start blogging because your blog will always be a work in progress.

Amazing Content

The heart and soul of a successful blog is great content. If no one wants to read what you are writing about then your blog won’t be very successful.
One of the easiest ways to write content that people actually want to read is to answer a question about your topic that you have yourself. Chances are if you are wondering about something, so are other people. Obviously, you will need to do some research to find the answer, but once you do you will be providing valuable content that people actually want to read and share with their friends.
It is also important to keep in mind that great content is about more than writing. Images, videos, different fonts, and colors all make your content look eye-catching and interesting. Blogs are not books, and they need to have more than just a huge block of text to keep the readers’ interest.


Even if you set up your blog properly and create great content, there is no guarantee that anyone will ever see it. Because of this, marketing your blog correctly is a requirement if you want to be a successful blogger.
In the next step, we will go over a variety of methods for marketing your blog so that you can make sure people are actually seeing all of your hard work.

Step 6: Promote Your Blog

Promoting your blog is where I see the majority of bloggers fail. There are lots of great bloggers out there that no one has ever heard about, simply because they don’t know how, or just don’t want, to promote their blog.
The most important tip I can give you about promoting your blog is to not be shy about telling people about your blog!
I have heard from many bloggers who tell me that they don’t promote their blog simply because they don’t feel it is worthy of promotion. They say things like “I don’t have enough posts yet” or “I need to work on my site design first”.
Don’t do this to yourself! If you have put in the time to set up a great site and with great content, then you need to tell people about it. Be proud of the work you have put in.
So just how do you promote your blog? Well, it turns out the most effective methods of promotion are free!

1. Email marketing

A lot of the other tips on this list are about getting new readers to your blog. But if you want to build a real following you not only need new readers, you also have to keep first-time readers coming back!
This is where email marketing plays a big role. By collecting the email addresses of your visitors (with their permission of course), you can then notify them when you post something new on your blog. This keeps people coming back to your blog, which not only gives you more readers over time, it also allows you to build a closer relationship with your readers.
Email marketing is too big a topic to cover well here, so I created a separate guide to email marketing for those who are interested 

2. Social networks

Chances are that you already have a Facebook account, and maybe even a Twitter account as well. So when you post something on your blog, make sure that you also post a link to your blog post on your social accounts.
It also helps to connect with other people interested in your topic. Send a friend request to the top bloggers in your name  and make sure to follow them on Twitter as well.
You may be surprised at just how many people will find your post interesting and then share the link with their friends.

3. Commenting on other blogs

On many blogs, you can leave a comment along with a link back to your own blog. If you make useful comments on blogs related to your topic you will be putting your blog right in front of people who you know are interested in your topic.
Caution! Do not abuse this method.
If you are leaving terrible comments on posts just to get your name out there this will only hurt your blog. Furthermore, poor quality comments are likely to be deleted by the blog owner anyway.
If you make a useful comment people are more likely to visit your site since they will want to hear more about what you have to say on the topic.

4. Link to other blogs

One of the best ideas for writing a blog the post is to write a response to a post from another blog. This could be a blog post you disagree with, or simply a topic that you have something else to add to.
When you do this, make sure to link to the blog you are responding to. On most blogs, this creates what is known as a “trackback”.
A trackback simply means that the blog you linked to will also post a link (automatically) to your blog. This means that anyone reading the other person’s blog post will also see the link to your blog, and hopefully click on it to visit your site.

5. Guest posting

Another way to get readers of other blogs to hear about your blog is to write guest posts.
To write a guest post you simply need to contact other blog owners and offer to write a post for their site.
Not all bloggers are open to this idea, but if you can find a few who are it is a great deal for everyone. You provide them with quality content, and in return, you put a link to your blog in your post. If people enjoy your guest post then they are likely to visit your blog for more great content.

6. Online forums

If you haven’t already, you should join popular online forums related to your topic. For example, if your blog is about dog training, join a couple of the most popular dog training forums.
Many forums will allow you to post a link to your site in the signature that goes at the bottom of every post you write. Some forums may require you to make a few posts before letting you do this.
Once you have joined a forum, make helpful posts. Just as with blog commenting, the content of your forum posts needs to be high quality and helpful. People are not going to want to read your blog if they don’t find your forum posts to be helpful and interesting.

7. Frequent posting

choose. Check out the next, and final, step now to learn how to make money blogging.                

 best waysto make money blogging (monetize your blog)

1. Building Your Readership

There are lots of ways to monetize your blog once you have a good number of visitors. But when you are just starting out you won’t have many readers, so it’s important to make the most of each one.
That means that you need to make sure first-time readers of your blog will come back. Only by having returning readers will you ever build a sizable audience that you can profit from.

So how can you stay in touch with your readers?

The easiest and best way is to ask them for an email address where you can contact them with updates. By collecting your readers’ email addresses from the very beginning of your blog you will build the biggest mailing list possible.
Ever wonder why just about every website you go to asks for you to sign up with your email address?
In marketing, there is a saying that “the money is in the mailing list”. This is because a mailing list allows you to contact people over and over again.
Every time you send an email to your list you can offer them products/services or just get them to your visit your blog again where you can make money from ads (discussed below). This is exactly what big companies do with their mailing lists. They send out offers on a daily or weekly basis.

2. Monetizing Your Blog

Once you have built a decent readership base you can turn your attention to making money from your blog. There a variety of way to do this, but one of the most lucrative ways also happens to be the easiest- advertising.
Having a large number of visitors to your blog means that advertisers will pay to have their ads shown to your readers. The easiest way to blog for money is to get paid for showing advertisements on your blog by joining Google’s AdSense program at
Once you setup your account on AdSense you will be given a code to add to your blog. This code will automatically display advertisements on your blog from companies that are part of Google’s advertising network. You may see ads from small companies related to your topic, or you may see ads from large companies that are completely unrelated to your topic.
The nice thing about AdSense is that you have thousands of advertisers bidding to advertise on your blog, and all you have to do is add the simple code to your blog. Once you do that the process is completely hands-off.
Every time one of your visitors clicks on an ad, you get paid. Google collects the money from the advertisers and then cuts you a check (usually every month).
This arrangement is nice not only because it is hands-off, but because you are dealing with a reputable company that you know will actually pay you on time.

How much can you make?

The amount that you can make from AdSense depends on three factors:

1. The number of visitors to your blog

This one is pretty obvious. More people visiting your blog means more clicks on advertisements, which means more money for you.

2. The visibility of the ads

When you put the AdSense code on your blog you have a choice of the style of advertisements (large images, small images, text, etc.) and also where they are placed. The more prominently the ads are displayed the more likely they are to be clicked.
However, you have to balance placing the ads prominently with the prospect of possibly annoying your readers. We have all visited blogs where it’s difficult to see the content due to the number and size of the ads. This is a delicate balance to achieve and it’s something you will have to experiment with to get the most out of your blog.

3. The topic you are blogging about

The final factor that affects your AdSense income is the topic you are blogging about. This is because advertisers will pay more to be on certain blogs than they will for others.
For example, if your site is about golf, your readers are likely to have a healthy income. Because of this, there are a good number of advertisers that want to get their ads in front of your readers, and they are likely to pay a good amount per click to do this.
These three factors will determine the amount of money you make. Estimating exactly what you will make is pretty difficult, but a high traffic blog on the right topic has the potential to bring in several thousand dollars every month. Of course, many people earn less than this, and some earn even more. In fact, it has been estimated that some top AdSense publishers earn nearly $2 million per year just from AdSense.
Keep in mind that making money from your blog takes time. After all, there is a reason that learning how to make money from a blog. You need to make sure you have followed all the previous steps perfectly in order to give yourself the best chance of earning a substantial income from blogging. This will not happen overnight, but most bloggers find that the work itself is rewarding enough to continue on the journey.




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